Thursday, March 24, 2016

Hot Summer Time

Even our home is located in a green village because they maintain to have trees and clean environment yet we can feel the hotness of summer. It is very hot right now. Before, we never opened the air conditioner in the afternoon but now we have to. One of our problem right now is to look for someone to be able to repair our three electric fans that were broken. Hope we can find a good mechanics around the neighborhood like in columbus air conditioner repairs which I am sure they have a good services. At first we were not in a hurry for the fan to be repair but it seems we really need to use it so soon. If this summer will be more hotter next months, we need a lot of fans to be used. And one more thing, we notice that this year is more hotter that before. I think the weather really changing so fast.

Each day, I want to take a shower every hour to get me cool. Sometimes I notice my son is already soaking wet from his sweats. He sweats a lot every day and we changed his clothes a couple of times the whole day. At night time he wanted to take off his shirt and sleep the whole night without a shirt.
I am not even comfortable if I am also sweating a lot. Most of the time I also go out to do some errands and I hate to walk under the heat of the sun. But no choice, we need to do our errands.

Good thing our house has a lot of windows. We try to open all the windows so that air breeze can come inside our house from time to time. Also, at day time we usually stays downstairs so we don't feel the hotness of the day. We also sometimes stay under the tree. The two big trees in the house helps ease the hotness we feel for the day.

A Home Sweet Home

It's been six months since we moved to this house and we really love this place. It's most likely purchasing a house in Westerville Ohio homes for sale which most people desired to live in. It is very important for each person or family looking for a place to live in to consider a very friendly place. A place wherein you have the access in many things like restaurants near your village or there are closer groceries stores which anytime it is accessible for you and your family.

Our place previously was not an ideal home for us with eight kids in our house. We don't have a play ground and the worse thing we are worried is that, we are along the road so the whole time when kids are home just stay inside the house. They cannot play outside and to think that inside the house is very noisy, it become so annoying every time we are all inside. Our ears can't rest and we felt like tired and exhausted everyday.

With that kind of experience we decided to look for a new house that is suitable for us. A house that we can really call our home sweet home. Where every body enjoys the time together. And God hears our prayer and He lead us to our lovely home. Kids are safe hundred percent free to play outside without our supervision all the time. They can play, run and laugh as loud as the can.

I could say that this is a very ideal place for us and everybody love this new home that we have. Hope we can stay in this house not less that five years. Or I really want to stay longer that five years. It is really a home sweet home for us. With a very quiet place and clean environment.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Summer Classes

At first we are thinking what to do with these six little kids during their summer break. But good thing, our friend offered to bring our six small little kids to their center to join their summer camp program. It was an answered prayer for us. They have a two weeks summer class program so we are quite free on that range of time. But after that, we will think again what will be the best thing for them to do that they will not be bored in the house all day. And also not to be tiring for us as well.
We'll see the next step soon.
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