Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Two Teenage Girls

We got two teenage girls in our house since last month. They will be staying with us longer. Since our project is to help homeless kids. So, the opportunity comes to us with 7 kids to stay at home. It was quite a big number but the good thing is, they are siblings.

We have seen for these two girls that they are interested to learn guitar. So I ask my brother in-law to teach these two girls every Saturday morning. God really move in His own special way. Our Thai friend offered to lend her guitar so that these two girls can practice at home as well. If we got some budget later, we can buy our own one and they can practice more until God will use their given talent. Then if we can start a Sunday worship in the house we can buy more instruments to be use. So maybe one of the things to be considered is the line 6 fbv longboard for our guitar. I think this is useful in the future.

Changing Policies

I would say that God is still in control of everything.
Last couple of weeks ago, we applied for our visa extension here in the nearby immigration office. At first, I I said we are not ready to go to the immigration on the date of one of our team members wants to go. We arranged the schedule to make it the following week. Few hours later, told my wife that one of our team member wants it the next day. As we talked we decided to go on the said date.

We are so early the following day and we were surprised when the immigration officer talked to our staff the things that they had some changes in their policies. They need to checked the office again. We had a problem. The director of the foundation is out of the country. No one will sign the papers because some of the papers has no signed. I and our foundation staff talked what to do. Then asked the immigration officer when are they coming to the office.

It was scheduled the following week and the first to days of the week is holiday, they will come Wednesday. our staff prepared all the papers needed. We went late in the morning and when we got there the immigration officer said we are lacking of one documents and for them it was the important document. But that paper they are asking were never been used before when we apply the same extension. Our staff to call the lawyer and the layer said to call the district office then the district office said you need to talked to social welfare office in the provincial office. It was a long way of connections to get what we needed. At the end of connecting to the few offices, we end up the document they are looking was not been issued to us since the start of the foundation.

We need to go back again the following day. But they have to go to the foundation office first. After coming to the office the immigration talked to our staff and she told our staff that only my family can have an extension the other lady in our team will not be given extension because her work place is outside the jurisdiction of the foundation. She need to go out from the country the next two day for her visa will expire. For us, they gave us extension for 7 days only. They will wait for our foundation director to be back in the country and to talk to them. Tomorrow or the next day we will go back to the immigration office. Praying that God will grant to us another one year extension working in Thailand.

It's a tough situation complying necessary documents when they got some changes in their policies without informing agencies that are under their responsibility.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Summer Plan

Just recently, I was asked if what's our plan this coming summer in our ministry. I got to pause for a while and think. One of the problems we are facing 2 or 3 years ago until now is committed workers. We got a lot of plans but we are lack of manpower. How to handle activities with only 3 people... imagine.. just three people with more or less 30 street kids to work on. We pray that God will give us workers willing to commit their live for the kingdom of God.

But I got plan or idea to have an overnight camp with the teens. To let them orient with our worship and joy being with God. I know these young teens really love music. If ever, we got one guitarist to play guitar during the even. We will look for a place that instruments are already available there so that we will not have to worry about this matter. Even the sound system or amplifiers which I know not like from But I think kids will enjoy much if we will prepare more of music or singing time. Hope it will be materialized soon.
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