Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas Is Coming

It's been 7 years that I stayed here in Thailand and as far as I can remember, my family got a Christmas vacation to the Philippines once. I think we are already used that Christmas here in Thailand is way far from our Filipino tradition in terms of Christmas celebration. We felt sad year after year that we can't spent Christmas with our family in the Philippines and all the Christmas parties, exchanging gift, caroling were missed.

But to have a Filipino gathering during Christmas day is a bit comforting. Spending a warmth Christmas with our fellow Filipino is so exciting. We can have a sing a long... Singing Christmas carol and a lot of fun with them. I believe even, we don't have musical instruments our gathering will be still meaningful. Anyway, if I want to purchase musical instruments I have a keyboard & piano buying guide I know. I can just check it any time I wanted to.

Settled Down

After a few days of setting up things in our new house and figuring out which goes in this place, changing here and there trying to put our stuff in a good place, now we are done. We did some fixing and drilling to hang our frames and fans as well. At last we are partly done especially in the inside part and rested physically. It turned out to be good in everything we did. We are now settled now. It was a relief now seeing our own accomplishments in small and simple things we did. Next target to make it completely done is our plants outside. We need to buy soil and new plants for our empty pots. Hopefully this week we can spare some time spotting a cheap store to buy plants.

I just pray that we can stay in our new place a bit longer. It's like I can't get over with our moving recently if we will move in just a year. Seems we need to gain enough strength before we plan to move again. Moving is not fun at all.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Instructions To Split-Screen A Video

A split screen effect renders a cutting edge feel to any video file. Do you want to achieve the same with your videos? Well, there are video editing software options today that allow you to have the very split-screen effect in your video. Here is a brief on how to get that split-screen factor with your videos.

Download & run
The primary task is to download a credible video editor software & run it in your system as per given instructions.

Add on videos
You will find something like “Add on Media Files” located on main panel. Click on it to open up the video files you are planning for the split-screen effect.

Drag videos
Your program Timeline will feature 4 tracks by default- 2 for audio, 1 each for video & subtitles. You would require similar video track quantity as the video clips that you’re planning to position on split screen. Go to “Video Track” option & click on as many turns needed. After you have added the needed track quantity, it’s time to drag 1 video onto each of the tracks.

Choosing Split Screen Appearance
Go to “Effects” panel & click on “Transform” section- type “Split” on desired search field. You will find several effects that you can deploy to split the clip’s screen into 4 various ways. Each of the splits is meant for particular effects group. Choose your preferred splitting method & apply the desired effects from respective group to the video files one-by-one.
You can split the screen horizontally, vertically & in 4 quarters.

Manage video appearance
Now, it’s time to manage the overall appearance of a split-screen video. The program allows you to pick from varied split screen effects. The effect icons would feature videos with effects applied. Put your selected video file on left, click on “Split Screen- 2H Left”. Open up “Settings” panel to select “Crop”. Select the zone you want to crop & hit “Apply”.

Manage the audio
If you go to play the new split-screen video, you would be baffled with soundtracks from every clip. So, mute all the videos first with Volume slider. Now, decide on the particular sound track that you would prefer to get on 1 video. One can pick the audio part from any onscreen video – otherwise you can even add on music track right from the computer.

Save the Clip
Click on “Save Movie” tab & choose best suitable format keeping in mind your viewers. After the export procedure gets complete, the split-screen video would open up automatically.
Movavi Video Editor is one of the most highly recommended options it comes to creating premium quality split-screen videos. Movavi is a highly reputed globally recognized brand. If you want to use Movavi Video Editor then follow this link


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