Sunday, January 31, 2010

I Missed the Kids in School

Because we moved to a new center and there were changes in our concentration I need to stop teaching in the school. We were getting busy right now with the kids here in the city area so I need to focus and think for strategies to meet the needs of this kids. I love the kids in school and I will definitely missed them. I already build friendship with them and I believe they will missed me also as I've already imparted love in their lives.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Craving for Filipino Foods

Since my wife is pregnant she always desires to eat Filipino foods. She's really craving for our foods. Thai foods are good too and we like it much but there's always a time that we missed our foods, maybe our tongue automatically wants to taste our native foods. To fulfill her longing she just surf at the internet and look at the pictures of different kinds of Filipino foods. How I wish there will be filipino restuarant here in Thailand. My wife always mentioned she wants to eat adobo, palabok, pansit. Sometimes she cooked adobo here but the taste is really different because the spicies are not the same. But it's good that if someone goes back home we asked them to bring some sinigang mixed so that we can cook sinigang here. But speaking of sinigang... not only us love it but some of our Thai friends loved it too. I think not only my wife missed our food but I as well.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pray for Det

I've been bothered with det and his siblings when I know their family situation. Everyday it was their routine to be at the Rock early in the morning. This afternoon I got a news from our team member that Det was hit by the car. 5 kids went to the Rock around 7AM but because we were not open that time they went back home. While they are walking, the other kids cross over to the other side and he was left alone so he ran to be wih his companion on the other side and unfortunately the car came and hit him. It's good that the driver brought him to the hospital. The villagers said that the kids early in the morning go to the Rock because they are hungry, so their remedy is to be at the Rock and eat their breakfast. Pleae pray for Det, I don't really know his condition right now but hopefully on monday we can visit him in his relative's house.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Driving Lesson... Day 2

Just this afternoon at 5 PM was my second day of driving lessons. Yesterday was quite smooth since we were just at one area but this afternoon was different. I practice my driving on the road now.. One thing became a problem that time was our language... Maybe it will be easy for me if the instructor can speak english but oh no... poor me.... I will really adjust and tried my best to understand what he's saying.. I can't understand right away what he is saying.. he has to repeat it three times in order for me to understand and he's already shouting at me. lol.. I felt it hard but still it turns out good... for me.. hehehe.. I'm not sure with my instructor. Also, become pressure to me was that, the instructor has no brake with him. Unlike in the Phillipines every driving school the instructor has his own break on the other side. Then one instance  I almost hit the car ahead of us.. and the instructor is already shouting at me but still I try to figure out what he's saying.. I can't respond right away.. Would you like to try take a driving lessons here..? lol.. it's really fun.

Driving Lesson... Day 1

Whew... I am supposed to post this last Wednesday since it was my first day in my driving lesson but wowowow.... we were busy for couple of days and everytime we go back home, we just go straight to our room... take a bath and go to sleep. So tired everyday...

Anyway, it was fun during my first day with my driving lesson. We went to a vacant lot wide open and probably some of the driving school bring their students in that place because I can see the marks of the tires around that area. As soon as we arrived there, the instructor stops first and give me:
Lesson # 1... He showed me all the roads signs or the do's and don't on the road.
Lesson # 2... He showed to me where's the clutch, brakes, gear, signal lights lef and right... etc.
Lesson # 3... I started driving around to practice to use clutch and brake.
Lesson # 4... Driving around and practice changing the gears.
Lesson # 5... Driving around and practice using signal light during left turn or right turn.
Hope I can drive right away when my 20 hour lessons will be finished.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Thursday's Inclination

I would say blessing in disguise because of my wife's condition and not advisable for her to travel long, we decided to move since we are about to open a new project in the city area that time. But the result of our decision cause a problem, no one will teach english in two schools where we teach voluntarily. Then we come to a solution that I will continue to teach in two schools. Okey the problem was solved... at first it's not a problem since the time slots we had will start at 9:30 am.... bearable... When the 2nd term of the school year the schedule was changed. The time slots we had will start at 8:30 am... wowwww.... incredible... That means to say we will leave the house 5:45am ride a songhtew (like passenger jeepney in the Philippines) going to the main road where the bus pass by. sounds cool...
So every thursday... my life is awesome.. I need to wake up 5am take a shower and prepare to leave at 5:45.. Then the bus will arrived at the bus stop around 6:30am. As soon as we get up the bus we will look for a better place for us to sit and to sleep as well.. since we had an hour and a half  travel going to our destination. Sometimes the man collecting our fare just wake me up to pay for my bus fare.. My thursday trip is really ridiculous. I enjoy my trip every thursday eventhough it is tiring yet joy in my heart to be a part of the children's life in school.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wants to have a Home

During our prayer ride we saw these two kids along the road collecting garbages that can be sold at the junk shop. These kids also come at the Rock everytime they finished their routine job or if they didn't go to school. We stop for a while and talk to them but the little one told us that he is hungry. Then without a second thought my wife brought them to a nearby store and bought some foods for them. While they are eating we try to talk to them and asked some questions until we ask them where are their parents. The older kid answered that his parents is in their home while the younger one timidly answered, he doesn't know where... then we ask the older one to confirm yet the same answer we heard. Then this little kid is staying right now to his relative but not being taken good care. This little kid bothers  me. Our prayer right now is that God will give us the opportunity to talk to the family that takes care of him. We want to help him to have a better life.

He is just a 3 year old boy and needs a family that will love him. I believe God want him to have a family to love him. God cares for children and He will not let this kid be abandoned but we need to have an action also being a christian. We are the light of the world and Christ lives in us.. Christ must shine upon us...!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Life of Obedience

During this time we are seldom going to church to have fellowship with other christians. We really wanted to but since the situation of my wife so most of the time we just stay home. Every sunday we are now used to tune in to a christian site and listen to a sermon. God's word is tremendously powerful like two edged sword that pierced asunder to our hearts. For me personally, the sermons of God's Word I heard from Dr. Charles Stanley strengthens me and gives impact in my life. It also gives reflections in my life.
I wanted to share it also here in my blog what I heard this morning. The title of his message is...........
"A Life Of Obedience". He sighted some principles but I remebered one of the principles he said was.... Obey God and leave all the consequences to Him. Sometimes it is difficult for us to obey God especially if it needs self denial. All of us has a belief system but it must be based on as Dr. Stanley emphasized,..... Our conviction must be based on the truth of God's Word.

These are the Requirements of Obeying God ( Romans 8:28)

* Believing that God is absolutely Sovereign. He is absolute in control.

* Believe that you can trust Him.

* You must mix Trust in Him with Love for Him

* You must Listen to Him

* You must have Courage even in conflict.

* You must be Willing to live in FULL SURRENDER TO HIM.

This is absolutely a great impact in our lives... Full surrender to God's Will. Romans 8: 28 says.....
" And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God to them who are the called according to His purpose." Be Blessed....!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Gestational Diabetes

After all we learned alot during my wife's pregnancy. Yesterday we been to the hospital the whole morning for a regular check up but this is a diffirent one. Before our appointment yesterday, we were adviced that my wife will not eat  food after midnight before the schedule because they will check her blood sugar for a gestational diabetes. Actually our previous check up, she was checked already but the result was not normal so to make sure of it they took another tests and that was yesterday.
Why did we stayed long at the hospital..? They took blood test four times. When we arrived at the hospital around 8 o 'clock in the morning the nurse send us to the laboratory department and that was the first blood test. After the test the man in-charged gave my wife two glasses full of water. One glass water with a 100mg. of sugar and the other glass is just a plain water. My wife said... oh no.... it's too sweet... then they told us to be back for an hour to take another blood test, then after that wait again for another hour for another one until four times... It's so funny because they don't know where to inject..... we're still confused and just do what the doctor's advice since we had no knowledge about this.

And the result is................... she has but the doctor clasified it as a class A. This class needs to avoid much carbohydrates, fatty and sugar content foods and to have exercise... unlike if class B she needs to take medicine.. Next two weeks will be our next appointment then test her blood sugar again. Hope that her blood sugar will become normal by this time...
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