Tuesday, March 27, 2012

5th Wedding Anniversary

I can hardly imagine on the next two months I and my wife will celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary. All I can say is Thank you Lord. God is really faithful in our lives. A lot of experiences good and bad yet God is able to bind us with His great Love. There are struggles that tests us but our relationship remains strong and leads us to keep stronger.
My question to myself right now is... Can i give an anniversary diamond ring to my wife or this is too early for that kind of ring? For our status right now, it is quite impossible but maybe during our silver wedding anniversary if God allows us to reach that stage, why not! God knows our hearts and if it is His will, God gives the desires of our heart. For now we will just enjoy God's blessings to us even in small things.

Fixing our Home

Since we moved last year to a new home we had a lot of things needed to be fixed. There are some frames need to hang on the wall yet no time to do it. One more thing is our tools are not organized will and sometimes I had a hard time looking for a specific one. I am thinking to avail one tool bag to make it organized. To be organize is a bit nice especially things at home and if your home is big.
Anyway, at this time my goal is to finished all these fixing things at home next month. It will be soon so I need to look for necessary things to put in place. Hope that i can do it without any distractions.

A Week off Plan

I am very anxious now thinking my wife and my little son is coming back soon. For me, a month and a half is quite long enough for us to be separated. How I really missed them but I know, i know.. few more days.
Right now, I am already planning having a break for a week with my family. I want to spent time with them for a while just the three of us as soon as they are back. Am I a little bit greedy? lol. But it is still on the process of consideration. One thing I also consider if we will go out of town I want to try to drive in a long distance one. he he he. Since driving to a place where you are uncertain it is a bit difficult. Maybe I need a garmin hand held gps to be sure of our destination or maybe a map that we can avail in the store. We experienced to drive last time that we don't have any maps and we really lost.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Lantern Festival in Hatyai

Before my wife and son flew to Philippines, we had this bonding opportunity in this place.
I am very curious what lantern festival is... I've been here in the city for almost 5 years and every year I heard about this lantern festival during the last quarter of the year but never been to this place before. It is quite nice but since we were there very early we can't see the real beauty of these hand made creations.. You can actually appreciate this at night time when the lights are on in every individuals. But my son enjoys all the animals he saw.

Friday, March 16, 2012

A Whole Day Journey

I was so excited last Wednesday when our Team Leader asked me if I am willing to go with him in Sungai Kolok the following day to looked for the two kids that were used to live with them before because they heard that they are back to that town. I was excited because I've not been to that place and knowing that we can see the kids there... I always heard a lot of things good and bad in that place so I want to see it. What it really looks like. Before I just imagine this place but this time I can see it with my two eyes. Sugai Kolok is 3-4 hrs drive from our place and it is already a border of Thailand and Malaysia.
Thursday come, so got up early a drove to my team leader's house. We left their house around 7:45AM and

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Creative Moments

Last week during our retreat we had a time to be on our own everyday from 9 am till 12:30 pm... This is the time seeking God talking to Him privately... Pouring out everything you had in your heart... you can do anything you want as you spend time with God. Creating moments as you ponder upon the word of God. You can reflect the word of God you learn by drawing, making songs, scribblings, or poems. Some did show a fantastic

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Times of Refreshing

I am pretty sure you will agree with me but whether you agree or not I believe everyone of us experienced burnout... or dryness in our work. In the past couple of months being busy in the ministry. I couldn't imagine little by little, day after day I feel stressed, down and discouraged. A lot of thinking, things happened, things to be done that sometimes give us emptiness. The more we think, the more things get complicated. This is the time we need a break. We need to unwind, to be refreshed.
Praise God I did refreshed, unwind and recharged. I am thankful to God for a wonderful opportunity He gave me although my family is away from me yet I got a chanced to be recharge. Seeking God and enjoying being in His presence. I missed my family though.
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